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If you own a boiler, it’s important to have regular inspections to ensure the safety of the machinery and anyone who comes in contact with it. If you’re looking for a boiler burner service, Birmingham is home to Combustion & Control Solutions, Inc.: the best of the best when it comes to boiler room inspections, maintenance, and repairs. Not sure what goes on during a boiler inspection? Here is a step-by-step guide to what will happen during your professional boiler inspection with CCS.

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1. Visual Inspection

During your boiler burner service, Birmingham engineer extraordinaries will first visually inspect the boiler. During this time, they will look for any obvious signs of damage and/or distress, while cleaning and adjusting any parts of the boiler that may need it.

2. Operation Testing

Your boiler has several functions that will be tested for operability. From controls to safety devices, your engineer will manually test that each function is working properly.

3. Combustion Release Testing

Next, your engineer will check the installation, construction, and combustion release route (the flue) to ensure that there are no obstructions that need repairs.

4. Unit Component Inspection

Your engineer will take apart the main components of your boiler and inspect for any defects or damage. This includes the main burner, flue routes, heat exchanger, and ignition pins.

5. Recording Results

After the inspection process is done, your engineer will then record their findings in an official report. You’ll be able to keep this information, which will tell you what requires repair, cleaning, or other maintenance services.

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Not only do we perform routine inspections, but we also offer installation, repair, and maintenance services for boiler rooms big and small. At CCS, you can trust that your machinery is in good hands. Our engineering team is experienced and knowledgeable in all boiler room machinery. If you’re needing a routine inspection, repairs, installations, or other maintenance services for your boiler room, please call us today at (423) 855-2055.


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