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As a boiler room operator, you understand the ups and downs of running such an important room of machinery. There are slow moments, and then there are fast, stressful times where all the machinery seems to have complications all at once. For that reason, you should always keep tools and replacement parts on hand. The boiler repair companies in your area may not always be able to provide your spare part needs in the timeframe in which you need them. Here’s what you need to know about stocking your spare part inventory for inconvenient times:

Stocking Common Parts

Keep in mind which parts of your machinery are most commonly replaced when routine maintenance takes place – you’ll want to stock up on these. Ignitors, gaskets, sight glass, fireside ropes, and relief valves are usually changed and replaced a couple of times per year. It’s critical to always have these items on hand if there was ever a delay with parts. Keeping the essentials close by can save thousands of dollars in shipping costs, downtime losses, and even a rental boiler.

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Stocking Critical Parts

Knowing which critical parts to keep in inventory requires some thought. Review the key parts of your boiler room and begin to create a plan for when these parts fail. Without a spare, how long does it take to receive these parts? If there is a delay, how long can your boiler room function without this part? How long can you rent a boiler before the rental budget runs out? Running a mechanical analysis and formulating a plan is crucial to knowing what parts you should have on hand. Always check with your local boiler repair companies to see what critical parts they tend to keep on hand.

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