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With a boiler room, your main goal is to keep the machinery running efficiently, ensuring that all safety protocols are met. The last thing you want to do is call your boiler repair company to fix a machine – this results in shutdowns and downtimes for needed repairs. As you know, one of the easiest and most common mistakes to make as a boiler room operator is accidentally blowing a gasket. Luckily, this common mishap has a quick and easy replacement, but it’s avoidable. Here’s how not to blow a gasket and avoid the trouble of calling your boiler repair company for a fix.

Gaskets: The Basics

Gaskets solely exist for pressure sealing two surfaces together in order to keep steam and pressure inside. The smallest leak can be detrimental, and a leak reduces efficiency and allows steam to travel into areas of the boiler that aren’t made to handle its heat and pressure. This heat transfer can cause a plethora of problems when it leaks into areas it doesn’t belong in. Even the smallest changes in temperature can warp metal into expansion or shrinkage – neither of which is good for the boiler and its functions. A leaky gasket can lead to calling your boiler repair company for a few fixes throughout the boiler.

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Keeping Your Gaskets Safe

Installation is key when it comes to gaskets. They have to be placed in the perfect position in order to seal properly. It’s all about angles, pressure, and bolt tightness. On the subject of bolt tightness, tighter is not always best for gaskets. If the bolts are torqued down too tightly, the gasket can become squeezed out of position, creating a leak. Understanding your boiler is a huge component of keeping your gasket in place and working efficiently. Find the “sweet spot” when it comes to placement and bolt tightness according to your boiler’s manufacturer. Experience in the boiler room itself also helps with this.

If All Else Fails, Call Your Boiler Repair Company

Blowing a gasket is inevitable – every boiler room operator has done it. When it happens, always call for repairs immediately. A gasket replacement isn’t expensive, and it’s a quick fix. If you’re looking for a reliable boiler repair company for a gasket replacement, reach out to Combustion & Control Solutions today.


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