Boiler Room Equipment Repair Service

As a boiler room operator, you’re probably always on the lookout for any red flags with your machinery. For that reason, regular independent inspections as well as professional inspections can ensure that you’re aware of every function that goes on in the boiler room. During these inspections, one of the most important things to watch for are leaks. When a leak occurs, it’s best to find out exactly where it’s coming from so that a boiler room equipment repair service appointment can be made.

5 Most Common Leak Locations

1. Pump

The boiler’s pump seal can crack and eventually break from consistent work. The breaking of this rubber seal can spring a leak quickly. However, it can be repaired by resealing the pump.

2. Pressure Relief Valve

Because of the large amount of pressure in the valve, this piece of the boiler is prone to leaks. With age, the sealant can become weak and damaged, therefore springing a leak.

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3. Pipes

Improper installation or corrosion damage can compromise the integrity of your steam boiler. This is a common place to find a leak, but it can be quickly fixed through Combustion & Control Solutions’ service.

4. Feed Tank

Mismanaged feedwater temperatures can make for a leaky feed tank. This is called thermal fatigue. Low feedwater temperatures can result in thermal shock, which almost always compromises the welding in the feed tank.

5. Tank Tubes

With unbalanced feedwater treatment, the tank tubes can be compromised by corrosion and scaling. This leads to cracks, holes, and other permanent damage that require tube replacement. For that reason, catching corrosion and scaling early is ideal, because it can be repaired.

Schedule Your Professional Boiler Room Equipment Repair Service

For any and every leak in your boiler room, rely on Combustion & Control Solutions Inc. With 24/7-365 service for emergency situations, we’ll also be there when you need us. In addition, our boiler room equipment technicians are time efficient, fully trained, and we guarantee results. To eliminate leaks and get back to running an efficient boiler room, call us today at (423) 855-2055 for more information.


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