Boiler Room Equipment Repair

If you’re a boiler room operator, you understand the importance of keeping all machinery maintenance checked and in good working order. There are several sets of rules and guidelines to follow in order to properly maintain a boiler room. Issues such as scaling, overheating and corrosion are mostly inevitable and require immediate repair or replacement of the boiler or its individual parts. Overheating has proven to be one of the most dangerous boiler conditions, as it puts the entire plant at risk of explosion. As soon you notice an overheating boiler, seek boiler room equipment repair services immediately.

Overheating Boilers: Causes

1. System Blockages

In a well working boiler, there is always a seamless, constant flow of water. System blockages stop that needed flow, leading to quick overheating and possible explosions. Before the overheating begins, you can catch a system blockage by listening for strange noises coming from within the machine. Additionally, a radiator that isn’t heating properly is another sign of a system blockage. Repair the blockage and restore the water flow by using a power flush.

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Improper Pump Functions

Inside the boiler, there is a pump that guides water circulation. If this pump becomes damaged and doesn’t operate correctly, this traps the water withing the boiler, leading to quick overheating. Broken pumps can be fixed through Combustion & Control Solutions’ boiler room equipment repair services.

Limescale Buildup

Every steam boiler is fitted with a heat exchanger that heats the water before it circulates for the combustion process. If not properly cleaned, the heat exchanger can develop a buildup of limescale, which cuts off its water flow and leads to almost instant overheating of the boiler.

Broken Thermistor

The thermistor monitors and controls the water temperature based on the daily demands. It can increase or decrease the water temperature as needed. A broken thermistor often leads to quick overheating of the boiler. To fix this problem and avoid an overheating boiler, rely on CCS’s boiler room equipment repair services.

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