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Are you a boiler room technician in Birmingham, AL? At Combustion & Control Solutions, we’ve made ourselves into a boiler room technician’s one-stop shop for anything they might need for their boiler room – including replacement boilers. This is why we’re the boiler service Birmingham AL boiler room technicians turn to for all things repair, replacement, and maintenance. The question is: when should you invest in boiler replacement? Does your boiler even need replacing right now?

Warning Signs Your Boiler Needs a Replacement

1. Improper Functioning

Unpredictable starting and shutting off is one of the most obvious warning signs your steam boiler will give. These improper functions indicate unreliable safety and operation controls within the boiler.

2. Dangerously High Temperatures

When the boiler’s stack temperature exceeds normal levels, this indicates that the boiler has been neglected to the point of damage. Poor water quality, low water levels, and improper combustion are the leading causes of dangerous overheating. To properly maintain your boiler and reduce the risk of overheating, contact the boiler service Birmingham AL relies on: CCS.

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3. High Oxygen Presence

A poorly treated water system leads to high oxygen levels, which can easily cause pitting, holes, and in worse cases, corrosion. Corrosion is irreversible, making for costly repairs, replacement parts, or an entire steam boiler replacement.

4. Outdated Safety Equipment & Controls

Safety equipment and controls that are damaged or old can easily be replaced individually. Depending on the age of your boiler, it’s smart to determine the cost choices of making individual replacement verses replacing the entire boiler itself. To get a professional second opinion, you can contact us!

5. Combustion Problems

Fuel and airflow issues stem from poor combustion tuning. Simple fixes can escalate quickly if left unchecked. Combustion fan failure, improper stack functioning, and malfunctioning burner controls may leave your boiler a large safety hazard.

Boiler Replacement & Boiler Service Birmingham AL Trusts

Renew the safety and efficiency of your boiler room today by relying on the company Birmingham AL residents recommend: Combustion & Control Solutions. For more information, call us today at (423) 855-2055.


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