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Running a boiler room is a job that requires organization and attention to detail. Making sure all the boilers are running at peak efficiency is just one aspect of being a boiler room technician – but some might say this is the most important part. Making sure all the boilers are at peak efficiency isn’t a hard task, but in the end, it saves fuel, money, and time. Monitoring efficiency also helps catch any minor problems, so boiler service companies can be contacted before they escalate. Here’s how to know if your boiler is running at peak efficiency:

Understand Your Boiler

Understanding your boiler means understanding the manufacturer’s recommended parameters. As the creators of the boiler itself, the manufacturer’s recommendations are the best parameters to follow.  When your boiler’s readings match up with these parameters, the chances are your boiler is running with peak efficiency.

Check the Fuel Pressure

Always be sure the heat exchanger surface is properly sized and placed. As the rule of thumb goes: if the pressure is higher than it’s designed to be, your boiler’s heat exchanger surface is too small for the unit itself. This issue could cause the overproduction of air and an underproduction of fire, which can severely damage the burn diffuser. If this is the case, contact one of your area’s boiler service companies.

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Check the Water & Heat Levels

To keep your boiler running smoothly, it’s important to keep the water and heat levels in their ideal ranges. Always measure your boiler’s water by looking at the sight glass – this will tell you where the water’s ideal level is. As for heat, a cool boiler is a happy boiler. High stack temperatures are signs of various issues.

Only Rely on Trusted Boiler Service Companies

Schedule regular maintenance checkups for your entire boiler room – this will ensure that every piece of machinery is running efficiently. It will also identify any issues with your boiler, and your maintenance provider can make any repairs needed before they escalate into a more costly problem. When selecting one of the boiler service companies in your area, choose Combustion & Control Solutions. Call us today to ensure that your boiler is running at peak efficiency.


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