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As a boiler room operator, you probably know how essential water is for industrial boiler efficiency. Water is quite literally the lifeblood of the boiler itself. Unfortunately, there are cases where too much of a good thing is a bad thing. Too much water in a boiler is one of these cases. The amount of water in your boiler has to be regulated and treated to keep your boiler running safely. At Combustion & Control Solutions, we’re your boiler service company that’s here to help with all aspects of your industrial boiler room. Here’s what to do when you put too much water in your boiler:

How Can Too Much Water Harm My Boiler?

When you add too much water to your boiler, the first thing that happens is a temperature drop. Your boiler will begin producing less steam and running through more fuel trying to warm the water temperature. Next, the little amount of steam the boiler is producing begins to add up inside the chamber. Because the amount of water takes up so much space within the chamber, the steam has less room to compress, building up heavy amounts of pressure. This pressure can put strain on every part of your boiler, creating cracks and leaks. If this happens, call for boiler repair immediately.

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The worst-case scenario of adding too much water into your boiler is the chance of the water leaking into the steam header. This can damage or even kill the entire boiler. If you suspect your boiler has been compromised, once again, call your boiler service company for a replacement or a rental boiler.

Too Much Water: a Simple Fix

It’s important to catch this issue quickly before the steam pressure begins to build, causing more issues. Perform a blowdown immediately. This will drain excess water before it begins to harm your boiler. Once the draining process is over, call your repair company to perform an inspection on your boiler. Once an overfill of water has happened, it’s smart to keep a close eye on the machinery.

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