Yee-Haw Brewing Company

– Johnson City, TN –

“It’s never easy to go into work anywhere as early as we start, so getting to just come in and push a button, throw two valves and have steam in five minutes is a huge benefit. And we can just start our day right away.”

Yee-Haw Brewing Company came to us with a unique need. They had a small space, and wanted to maximize their steam efficiency. But they wanted a boiler that would be able to handle growth. Fortunately, we had just the solution.

Miura Boilers’ small footprint, push-button operation, and on-demand steam gave Yee-Haw the capacity they needed to start up – and for all the growth to come.

Download the full case study and watch the video on the right to discover more.

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FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals

– Dayton, TN –

“We once had two boilers with a full combined output of 450 horsepower. We now have one on-demand 200 horsepower Miura boiler basically running the facility on low fire, with the second on-demand Miura sitting there on standby.”

When an energy efficiency survey revealed that FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals needed to bring their steam plant up to date, they called us to make sure their needs were met. Two Miura dual-fuel boilers later, the company is already saving on their natural gas bill. In fact, they’re saving a whopping 33 percent.

Because Miura boilers produce steam power on demand, they’re able to shut down when not needed – and restart quickly.

Download the full case study on the right to discover more about how we helped this client gain highly efficient steam.

Download Case Study PDF
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