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Our mission is simple – Our customers are the only reason for our existence. We constantly strive to Perform above expectations, always with Integrity, and with Results that our customers have come to depend on.

Boiler Room Inspection Company Near Me

Founded in 2003, CCS employs over 50 full time employees. From top to bottom, the CCS Team lends decades of experience in both the local and regional boiler industry.

We’ve Got You Covered

  • The CCS Territory Includes: Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, and the Florida Panhandle.

  • Sales & Application Support: Sales Engineers are located in Chattanooga, Nashville, Atlanta, Charlotte, and Birmingham, and are available to help you size and select the proper equipment and products for your systems.

  • Field Service Technicians: Team members located in Chattanooga, Atlanta, and the Decatur/Huntsville area will help you keep your systems running efficiently and reliably for years to come. Whether it is a whole boiler room installation, burner and control system upgrades and renovations, inspections and preventive maintenance, pressure vessel repair, combustion tuning, system troubleshooting, or steam and condensate return piping, we will make it happen.

  • Parts & Materials Inventory: We have extensive inventories located in Atlanta and Chattanooga, including boiler tubing, piping, refractory materials, burner controls, boiler trim parts, gaskets, fittings, sensors, pressure switches, and many other items, along with a fleet of service vehicles to get them to your facility when needed.

ASME & NB Code Stamps


CCS maintains ASME & National Board R, S, & U stamps. Our Quality control program strictly adheres to all code and procedureS that govern the work we perform.

ASME “S” Stamp for the manufacture and assembly of power boilers, ASME “U” Stamp for the manufacturing and assembly of Unfired Pressure Vessels, and  National Board of Boiler & Pressure Vessel Inspectors Certified “R” Stamp for the repairing and alteration of Power Boilers, Pressure Vessels, and other pressure-retaining equipment & components.

Mechanical Department

Mechanical Technicians

Led by Terry Deering, our Boilermakers and Certified welders are the best in the industry. Fully equipped service vehicles, decades of experience, and a dedication to performing their work in a safe and thorough manner, every time, gives our customers they peace of mind they deserve.

Service Department


Led by John Davis, our combustion & controls technicians comprise a group with a collective experience unparalleled in our industry. 24/7/365, our technicians and service vehicles stocked with a wealth of common boiler parts and components keep our customers running with the care and a safety-first approach that our customers deserve.

Products & Equipment

Boilers for Steam & Hot Water Applications

Boilers for Steam & Hot Water Applications

Firetube Boilers: 2-Pass, 3-Pass, and 4-Pass Skotch Marine style boilers

Condensing and Non-Condensing hot water boiler systems

Watertube Boilers

Compact, modular steam boilers

Capacities to 250,000 Lbs/Hr

Steam Pressures to 1,200 PSIG, Saturated & Superheated Steam

Burners for High-Efficiency & Low NOx Performance

Burners for High-Efficiency & Low NOx Performance

Low NOx to less than 9 ppm

Natural Gas, #2 Fuel Oil, Methane, Biodiesel, and alternative fuels

Digital, precision burner control systems

Controls & Burner Management Systems

Controls & Burner Management Systems

Plant-wide controls and monitoring systems

Burner Management Systems (BMS)

Single boiler and multiple boiler control systems

Controls integration with existing plant systems

Boiler monitoring variance systems

Fuel Handling Systems

Fuel Handling Systems

Fuel handling systems meeting latest NFPA safety standards

Fuel storage, pumping, and filtration systems

Moisture & air separation systems

Back-up power generation fuel delivery systems

Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water softeners

Dealkalizer systems

Reverse-Osmosis (RO) systems

Filtration systems

Boiler Feedwater & Deaeration Systems

Boiler Feedwater & Deaeration Systems

Deaerators to remove dissolved O2 and CO2 from feed water to prevent corrosion

Surge Tanks and pumping systems

Feedwater Tanks and pumping systems

Pumps and pump controllers

Boiler Flue Exhaust & Venting Systems

Boiler Flue Exhaust & Venting Systems

Boiler flue venting systems

Make-up air filtration and intake systems

Combustion air pre-heating systems

Boiler Blowdown Systems

Boiler Blowdown Systems

Boiler blowdown and after-cooler systems

Blowdown heat recovery systems

Boiler Room Ancillaries and Parts

Boiler Room Ancillaries and Parts

Boiler trim parts

Burner & Burner Controls Parts

Steam Traps and Condensate Return Systems

Sensors, switches, gauges,

Level controls, sight glass, and switches

Gaskets, valves, pipe fittings, and accessories