Firetube Boilers

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Allied Work Force Water-Backed Firetube Boilers

  • Three-pass wet back design eliminates refractory baffles between flue gas passes.
  • Minimum maintenance with rugged construction for extra-long life.
  • U.L. listed boiler/burner package for firing gas, oil, and combination gas/oil.
  • Factory tested and checked for optimum operating efficiency.


Built in accordance with the ASME code, the wet-back design has proven to give much longer and useful lifecycles than dry-back boilers.


Each unit is tested, inspected, and registered with the National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors.


Allied Boiler utilizes state of the art computer design techniques in every boiler. This accounts for accurate calculations of construction materials and optimum utilization of the boiler’s performance criteria.


The AB-3PWB is designed for optimum fuel efficiency and has proven in certified tests to meet, and often exceed, the efficiencies of other four-pass boilers.

Low Maintenance

There are no refractory baffles to replace or maintain, eliminating costly repair and down time.

Tube Sheets

The wet-back has independent tube sheets with uniform temperatures. Three and four-pass dry-back boilers have tube sheets with large temperature variations and this results in premature tube failure and cracks in the tube sheets.

Easy Access

Since there is no large refractory rear door, one man can easily remove the rear cover plates for access to the tubes. Front doors can be opened without removing burner components or controls.


With computer aided design, Allied Boiler has made the wet-back a space saving workhorse without sacrificing the principle of 5 sq. ft. of heating surface per BHP.


Paired with Weishaupt burners, every unit is boiler/burner compatible and tested at the factory prior to shipment.