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Van-Packer Company
302 Mill St.
Buda, IL 61314

Since 1944, Van-Packer has been a leader in the Chimney and Ventilation industry. Over the years Van-Packer has steadily increased its product line to include chimneys to handle applications in all aspects of the commercial and industrial fields.

The Van-Packer product lines are UL/ETL listed designed to handle any specific operating conditions.

Model DW is their flagship product line, used in high temperature and combustion gas venting. This product is among the most versatile offered in the industry, with UL Listed sizes up to 48” ID and unlisted sizes up to 58” ID/60” OD.

The Model DW is tested and listed per UL 103 / ULC ORD C959 for Factory-Built Low Heat Chimney, UL 641 / ULC S609 for Type “L” Low Temperature Venting Systems and UL 2561 / ULC ORD C959 for 1400°F (760°C) Factory‐Built Chimneys.

Models CS & CS Plus are designed specifically for special gas venting applications. They are tested and listed per UL 1738 as a “Special Gas Vent” and per ULC S636 as a “Gas Vent Type BH” for use venting category II, III, & IV gas fired appliances.

Their CS model is used with appliances burning natural gas and propane.

Van-Packer also offers a Model CS with a male collar (CM) for contractor-friendly installations.

Models MW & SW present a viable competitive option. Their single wall product is limited in use and not to be installed in a fully enclosed combustible enclosure.

Van-Packer is an industry leader with an average release time of 8-to 10 business days.

Van-Packer Product Chimney Line Applies To:

Education | Government | Hospitality | Medical | Manufacturing/Warehousing | Industrial

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