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Weishaupt Burners: Decades of Reliability

For decades, burners that proudly carry the Weishaupt name have been synonymous with the extremely safe, economical, and reliable combustion of gaseous and liquid fuels.

The broad spectrum of outputs offered by Weishaupt burners, beginning at just a few kilowatts and extending up into the multi-megawatt range, means that they see use in a wide range of applications.

Weishaupt continually establishes new benchmarks, facilitated by the ever-constant efforts of its own Research and Development Centre. Digital combustion management and the extremely low emissions of multi-flame burners are just two of many examples of Weishaupt’s
innovative power and the high product quality it engenders.

All Weishaupt burners are manufactured at the company’s main plant in Schwendi in southwestern Germany. Not only does this extremely modern production facility serve as a beacon of safety, precision, and cleanliness, it also allows for a rapid response when assembling medium and large-sized burners, which are almost always individually configured. The high proportion of in-house production, among other things, allows Weishaupt to meet its own demands for high levels of quality and to ensure purpose-built items can be produced promptly.

Refractory Repair Near Me
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Refractory Repair Near Me